Cambodian Mobile Payment Company Executives Blockchain Training
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Client: Edeel Cambodia

Cambodian Mobile Payment Company Executives Blockchain Training

A comprehensive two days blockchain workshop

About This Project

The Brief

Two full days Blockchain workshop at the Edeel office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


We managed a comprehensive blockchain workshop tailored to the Edeel’s team of 20 people. The key objective of the workshop is to deliver educational sessions covering fundamentals of the blockchain technology and its use cases of the payment systems.


Deep-dive into the blockchain ecosystem, regulations, useful tools, payment services use cases and engaging discussion sessions


Session 1> Fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrency

  • What Is Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Where did cryptocurrency originate?
  • Why Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin so popular now?
  • What are the benefits of cryptocurrency?
  • What is the math behind crypto calculation?
  • What is a distributed Ledger
  • How Does a crypto transaction work?

Session 2> Mining, Altcoins, Exchanges

  • What is Mining? Roles of miners
  • Other Types Of Cryptocurrencies – Altcoins and Privacy Coins
  • Coins and Tokens – Differences
  • What are exchanges? Roles of exchangers
  • What is a Wallet? And Types of Wallets.
  • How to invest in a Coin
  • How to read CoinMarketCap

Session 3> ICOs and regulations

  • What is ICO’s and the participation process?
  • How do I analyse the opportunity of an ICO?
  • How do you find an ICO opportunity?
  • How to find out the Optimal Price of a coin?
  • How to analyze when to stay in a trade and get out of it?
  • Virtual currency schemes from the perspective of regulators (permitted Vs non-permitted Countries)
  • What should be standard KYC being adopted?

Session 4> Adopting virtual currencies in the payment system

  • Virtual Currency
  • Convertible Virtual Currency
  • Non-convertible Virtual Currency
  • Centralised Virtual Currency
  • Decentralised Virtual Currency
  • Payment related aspects of virtual currency schemes
  • Key actors and their roles
  • The diversity of virtual currency schemes
  • Differences between centralised and decentralised virtual currency schemes
  • Payment settlement flow between buyer & seller (domestic & cross-border)
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