Nurturing Females in the Tech Space – #SHE2020 Announcement!
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Nurturing Females in the Tech Space – #SHE2020 Announcement!

Nurturing Females in the Tech Space – #SHE2020 Announcement!

7 Jan 2020

Yesterday was our first SHE Blockchainers Asia meetup of the year in Singapore in 2020. I truly appreciate everyone joined our event.

Before we look forward, I wanted to share our achievements in the past 2.5 years. Enjoy this video =) I couldn’t have done it without our supporters and partners working around the ‘Women in Tech/Blockchain’ movement – huge thanks & big hugs!

In conversation with Juliet Kasko, a founder of CxO and advisor of LuneX, our guests enjoyed discussing the topic of female leadership & talent development in the tech space. Huge thanks to Juliet for sharing her insights and making our session fruitful!

Q: What are we currently looking for at the executive level in the tech space?

We need a more balanced, unbiased work environment that welcomes qualified people regardless of demographic characteristics. Juliet shared her experience that she is often asked to include female candidates in her executive search portfolios from her clients. Our audience agreed that the talent shall be fairly analysed by individual’s work capabilities instead of allowing free credits only because it’s a female.

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Q: What could we all participate in making changes on a daily basis?

We shall make the tech space more inclusive. At a large scale, we could invite more female experts to speak at events and conferences to inspire young female talents. Also, we could start making a small impact by sharing what we know about technology with people around us, particularly females. One of our guests shared his experience that he decided to move to Singapore to support his wife’s career advancement while he has to move without a job in the first place. He’s shared his enthusiasm in supporting women participation in the tech space and will continue to do so by securing his wife’s career. Such a touching story!

Q: How many female tech startup founders do we know in Singapore?

The answers varied, but each person could count below 10. Alice Chen from InvestaX, Tuhina Singh from Propine, Xanne Leo from Infinitus Token are among those mentioned by our guests. Singapore government supports female founders in various ways, yet we shall do more to encourage and nurture females to kick start and pursue their dreams in a startup space.

Lastly, there were a few talking points raised about what positive attributes females bring to the table in the business environment as a good leader; Multitasking, creativity, accountability, empathy, to list a few. We cannot draw a black and white line here, however, our audience (both females and males) in the room agreed to certain aspects.

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The highlight is always at the end of the event! We announced our new years’ plan – #SHE2020 Mentorship Program.

Our new program director, Delphine Lee, shared the program details. You can see the full program information in this link.

The application submission will be closed by April-May, and the program will go live from July to December 2020. We will soon release our application registration details. Stay tuned!

I am excited to see tangible outcomes from this mentorship program in 2020. We are looking for sponsors, mentors and partners – hit me up if you are keen to speak with us.

It’s a great start of the year for SHE Blockchainers Asia, and I will continue supporting #womeninblockchain #womenintech as an advisor of SHE Blockchainers moving forward.

Thanks for reading!

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