[Ampliv TV] Feat. Philipp Pieper at SWARM – Perspectives on Digital Securities
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[Ampliv TV] Feat. Philipp Pieper at SWARM – Perspectives on Digital Securities

[Ampliv TV] Feat. Philipp Pieper at SWARM – Perspectives on Digital Securities

Ampliv TV featured Philipp Pieper, Co-Founder and CEO at SWARM sharing the field experience working on the STO issuance platform development when no one paid attention in 2017 and the deep dive into the German blockchain environment and SWARM ecosystem. He also shared his profound insights into the South East Asian market in digital securities.

It was a great honour to have Philipp join our show, particularly for sharing his quality insights to our audience.

01:00 Tell us about yourself
05:00 When no one was paying attention…in 2017
08:18 Tokenised securities – what’s the key drivers?
10:33 Any challenges?
12:02 Regulation in Germany
13:12 Digital securities ecosystem in Berlin
14:24 Terminologies representing digital securities
16:04 Differences between traditional and digital securities
19:11 Blockchain-enabled digital securities
21:05 Advantages of applying blockchain to various asset classes
22:24 Misconceptions about digital securities
24:53 Understanding the SWARM’s ecosystem
28:18 SWARM ecosystem: Helping issuers
30:31 How do we qualify users
32:12 SWARM ecosystem: Giving confidence to qualified users
35:05 SWARM ecosystem: Collaboration with exchanges and trading platforms
36:36 Open-sourced, non-profit organisation
38:37 Token standards for digital securities
41:35 Market access protocol
43:57 Embedded compliance
47:51 SWARM in the South East Asian market
50:51 Digital securities in SEA
52:27 Digital securities, is it a hype?
53:52 Visit www.swarm.fund

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