[Ampliv TV] Feat. Gavin Wood at WEB3 Foundation – Interoperability
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[Ampliv TV] Feat. Gavin Wood at WEB3 Foundation – Interoperability

[Ampliv TV] Feat. Gavin Wood at WEB3 Foundation – Interoperability

We are honoured to feature Gavin Wood, founder of Web3 Foundation and Parity Technologies at Ampliv.io – Amplifying Blockchain Live!

In this video, we covered Gavin’s recent Asia tour, #interoperability and #polkadot easily explained, filmed at the #Sub0 conference in Berlin last week. Some conference attendees are shown in the video as well.

Next, Web3 Summit Berlin will be an excellent opportunity to mingle with tech friends in #blockchain.

August 19-21, 2019.
Funkhaus, Berlin.



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Ampliv.io and Ampliv TV, its knowledge sharing platform, is a collective multimedia effort to analyse how deep tech involving blockchain and cryptocurrency will change life in the future via creative mass communication.


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