[Ampliv Talks] Nurturing Global Blockchain at Horasis Global Meeting 2019, Cascais Portugal
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[Ampliv Talks] Nurturing Global Blockchain at Horasis Global Meeting 2019, Cascais Portugal

[Ampliv Talks] Nurturing Global Blockchain at Horasis Global Meeting 2019, Cascais Portugal

Ampliv and SHE Blockchainers Asia presented with a great honour at the panel “Nurturing Global Blockchain” session at Horasis Global Meeting 2019 held in Cascais, Portugal on 6-9 April 2019.


Digital chaining is not widely understood: regulators have mixed views. Is this the new way forward for globalization? Can its exploitation be made clearer and potentially equable for all Boards and Oversight panels to cut out avarice? What is needed for its development?

• Michael E. Bryant, Chairman, World Blockchain Foundation, Austria
• Yuree Hong, Founder, SHE Blockchainers Asia & Ampliv, Singapore & South Korea
• Johan Staël von Holstein, Founder, Wakopa Eagle, Sweden
• Kate Mitselmakher, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bloccelerate, USA
• Parth Patil, Co-founder, CREDIBLE & InfiniChains, India
• Michael E. Bryant, Chairman, World Blockchain Foundation, Austria
• Mark Mueller-Eberstein, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Adgetec Corporation, USA

The session covered the overview of the blockchain industry use cases, the changing landscape of the cryptocurrency adoption, and blockchain technology applications in emerging markets.

00:19 Mark Mueller-Eberstein – Adgetec Corporation, Author of “The Trust Technology”
05:00 Intro: Johan Stael von Holstein – Wakopa Eagle AP & Speed Ventures
07:27 Parth Patil – Co-founder, CREDIBLE & InfiniChains
09:41 Yuree Hong – Founder, Ampliv & SHE Blockchainers Asia
12:20 Kate Mitselmakher – CEO & Founder, Bloccelerate VC
15:18 Michael E. Bryant – Chairman, World Blockchain Foundation
20:52 Lightning round: What would be the bitcoin price in 2022?
21:45 Does the price really matter?
23:27 Industry use cases of blockchain
27:28 Real stories behind the blockchain security
34:02 Crypto exchange & manipulative behaviours
36:48 What is “stable coin”?
39:10 Digital securities & security token offerings
48:00 Regulations & blockchain technologies
50:12 A history of bubbles in technology
51:52 Blockchain use cases in emerging markets
1:00:41 Q&As

About Horasis:
Our mission is to enact visions for a sustainable future. Horasis’ professional guidance to corporate leaders is based on three fundamental values:

*Sustainability – We believe in long-term and robust solutions which tackle issues of strategic importance for corporations and society at large.
*Principled leadership – We believe in a new leadership credo, which dispenses with power and embraces generally accepted principles.
*Community Building – We believe in the open exchange and interaction of people, knowledge, and services to inspire collaborative growth and well-being.

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