Tokenised News Weekly: 3rd week of Jan 2019
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Tokenised News Weekly: 3rd week of Jan 2019

Tokenised News Weekly: 3rd week of Jan 2019

[News release period:14 Jan 2019 – 20 Jan 2019]

Blockport to launch STO, Archax plans mid-2019 launch

Blockport, the leading mainstream European cryptocurrency trading platform, has launched a multi-stage security token offering (STO). The company’s goal for the token offering is to raise at least €15 million for further company expansion. Blockport intends to use any funds raised in the STO for establishing operations in the US and other countries, expanding its social brand in the European retail market and acquiring licensing for fiat-to-crypto banking services following massive user growth in 2018. To be held on the Tokeny security token issuance platform, the Blockport STO will include separate offerings to accredited investors in the US and to participants in Europe and other jurisdictions.

Combining a secure, efficient and user-friendly trading experience with social sharing and bank connectivity, the Blockport platform will operate as a unique hybrid-decentralized exchange. Their development roadmap will support the security of a decentralized platform while keeping the speed, efficiency and ease-of-use that comes from a centralized model. User funds will be stored on the blockchain — maximizing security — and most leading cryptocurrencies and tokens will be available for trading on the exchange.

Since the launch of its beta trading platform in August 2018, Blockport has experienced paying-user conversion rates that are four to five times higher than those of Coinbase. This growth has helped the company to expand from five full-time employees to twenty-five, promoting faster development and an even better user experience.  “Over the past several months, our team has worked incredibly hard to get the product to where it is today, and the feedback we’ve received from our community thus far has been overwhelmingly positive,” commented Sebastiaan Lichter, co-founder and Chief Product at Blockport.

Archax, an institutional-grade, regulated, digital securities exchange based in London, plans to launch its exchange in mid-2019. The exchange is focused on providing a venue for institutions and professional investors to trade in security tokens. These take real-world assets, such as equity, debt, property and tokenise them using a blockchain through Security Token Offerings (STOs).

Graham Rodford, CEO and co-founder of Archax, said: “Archax is designed to be ‘institutional’ throughout – it’s technology, systems, operations, processes, team, culture and products. Therefore compliance and regulation are at the very forefront of our strategy. We see the tokenisation of assets as the next significant step in the evolution of the crypto world and something that could potentially revolutionise traditional financial markets too.”

Laureate Digital Securities, a fintech company which integrates blockchain technologies with the asset management industry, has announced that their planned asset digitization, investor portal, and secondary trading will be powered by AlphaPoint, a leading blockchain company focused on enabling institutions to launch, scale, and operate digital asset exchanges all over the world.

Laureate Digital’s founding team includes industry veterans with decades of experience across asset management and technology. The firm aims to empower investors to earn compelling returns by bringing blockchain technology to the asset management industry. AlphaPoint’s technology will power Laureate’s security token offerings, which will expand and democratize access to asset management investment funds.

“At Laureate Digital, we’re building an institutional-quality platform by forging strategic relationships with best-in-class companies like AlphaPoint, who share our vision that blockchain will completely disrupt the asset management industry,” said Nicole Biernat, President, Laureate Digital Securities. “Adding AlphaPoint’s proven blockchain technology to our platform will help us provide the requisite services for the creation and administration of digital security offerings and the trading of them in the secondary market.”

“Laureate Digital has the team and now the technology to disrupt the asset management space. AlphaPoint looks forward to our ongoing relationship with Laureate Digital as we deliver a secure and scalable platform which will truly bring a new wave of opportunities to investors all over the world,” said Igor Telyatnikov, AlphaPoint co-founder and President.

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