Tokenised News Weekly: 2nd week of Jan 2019
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Tokenised News Weekly: 2nd week of Jan 2019

Tokenised News Weekly: 2nd week of Jan 2019

[News release period: 7 Jan 2019 – 13 Jan 2019]

In the last week or so, a number of extremely positive developments have occurred in the world of security tokens. These developments are signs that security tokens are moving forward towards greater adoption.

Asia Blockchain And Crypto Association Announces The Launch Of CEZEX, Asia’s First Security Token Trading Platform

It has just been announced that a brand new trading platform for security tokens will be launched in Asia. This platform is the first of its kind on the continent, and it will operate out of the Philippines.

The name of this digital securities platform will be CEZEX. CEZEX is being launched by Asia Blockchain and Crypto Association. The exchange represents a brand new trading atmosphere for the blockchain industry at large. Tokenized securities are viewed by many to be seen as much more stable, secure, and worthwhile investments than traditional ICOs and so this new exchange could attract a lot of investors.

CEZEX will begin trading on January 28th, 2019. On the exchange, users will be able to trade fiat and security tokens which are backed by assets like real estate, derivatives, bonds, stocks, commodities, etc.

The opening of the CEZEX exchange will be a historical moment in the blockchain industry and represents a significant step forward. By becoming the first exchange in Asia to exclusively offer tokenized securities, CEZEX could establish itself as the dominant force in the market for trading security tokens.

The fact that CEZEX will be opening in the Philippines Cagayan Economic Zone is helping to further cement this area as one of Asia’s most important blockchain hubs. In fact, this zone is quickly becoming known as the “Crypto Valley of Asia.”

SWARM Now Offers No-Fee Issuance Of Security Tokens On Its Platform

Another major announcement that took place this week was that SWARM, a platform that tokenizes securities has stated that it will now allow its security token issuers to issue their security tokens for free.

Part of the reason why SWARM is offering its tokens for free is because the company has seen a large amount of demand for digital securities. However, the company has also seen a number of difficult regulatory barriers in the way of effective solutions. By making tokenization free, SWARM is able to get around a lot of these regulatory barriers. This is very beneficial for the company’s clients and for its end users.

SWARM will also be introducing a fiat gateway which will allow users to invest in security tokens with thirty different fiat currencies. Both of these developments from SWARM are very exciting for the security token space.

Security Token Offerings Rake in $380 Million

One more piece of news regarding security tokens that emerged this week is that it was reported by Decrpyt Media that security tokens have raised roughly $380 million in funding in the last year.

This is a very significant step forward for security tokens, and it could be an indicator that 2019 is going to be a huge year for the growth of security tokens.

Of the $380 million that was raised by STOs in the last year, $134 million came from a single company – Overstock. The fact that one company has been able to raise such a large amount of money from an STO is extremely promising for the future of security tokens.

Security Tokens Take Several Important Steps Forward

Given the fact that so many positive news stories are breaking out for security tokens, it seems that this new asset class is really gaining momentum. Security tokens may be the perfect balance between cryptocurrencies and traditional securities that the world has been waiting for.

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