The Digital Securities market status, via WeChat — Sharing Securitize’s experiences
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The Digital Securities market status, via WeChat — Sharing Securitize’s experiences

The Digital Securities market status, via WeChat — Sharing Securitize’s experiences

Last week, Standard & Consensus, a very relevant rating agency in China, gave me the chance to give a “talk” about Securitize’s experience in the Digital Securities Offering space.

The surprising part for me was that this “talk” would be done inside a WeChat chat (what is referred to as a “WeChat share”), to a 500-member community founded by the Mars Finance Group. This was definitely a first for me, as I have never done a presentation + Q&A based on a chat application, but I think it was a nice experience and a good opportunity to share Securitize’s technology and real-world accomplishments in the Digital Securities space.

Shortly after the share ended, a transcript was made available on the Web:

(DISCLAIMER: I did NOT give the organizers that photo, but somehow it ended up there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

But since the audience for the share was Chinese, although the share was done in English, the transcript was posted in Chinese. Therefore, I thought that sharing the original English transcript would be interesting, as it reflects two interesting things:

  • An overview of Securitize’s platform and the Digital Securities industry status.
  • How a chat application can be used as the basis for interactive, massive content sharing for dissemination purposes.

So, here it goes:


There was a relevant information shared during the session that I realized later was incorrect: the market size estimate for Digital Securities is 7 trillion(not billion). Also, while I only discussed the tokens we had issued until that point (just this week, Augmate’s MATE has joined the club), I think it’s also relevant to point that we also have 20 more DSOs signed and 10 currently raising funds.

Also, as a side note on the practical aspects of the share, note that the images that were shared during the session were clickable via WeChat, and so could be displayed to the audience at a reasonable resolution. Also, for those interested in the mechanics, I did participate using the mobile app directly (WeChat also has a desktop version, but I didn’t install it), but to make typing easier I relied on Apple’s Handoff clipboard sharing to type on my computer, and then share via my phone.

I hope that, since you’ve made it this far, you found the session useful. Please follow me and/or Securitize to receive ongoing updates on the Digital Securities space.

(This article is originally posted by Jorge Serna on Securitize Blog.)

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