Top 15 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Influencers of 2018
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Top 15 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Influencers of 2018

Top 15 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Influencers of 2018

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are fast evolving

-driving new business models, technologies, and platforms on a daily basis. Keeping pace in this industry can be time-consuming. One of the best ways to jump-start your foray into crypto is to follow influencers that can guide you to the flow of reliable, educational knowledge sources.

Check out the list below for the top 15 blockchain and cryptocurrency influencers of 2018 that will help you remain abreast of any upcoming developments in the industry.

1. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a well-known instructor, speaker, author, and one of the globe’s best open blockchain and premier bitcoin specialists. He is known to make compound subjects understandable and straightforward. Andreas is also recognized for addressing issues that involve financial aspects, innovation, brain science, and diversion hypothesis related with current affairs topics and personal anecdotes – effortlessly translating bewildering and abstract blockchain technology issues into the actual world. He actively shares his thoughts in public and contributes to open source bitcoin ventures that support the community.

Andreas’ books include:

  • The Internet of Money
  • Mastering Bitcoin
  • Mastering Ethereum (Coming in Q4 2018)

2. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian software engineer and he’s regarded as the founder of Bitcoin Magazine and Ethereum. The Ethereum Blockchain digital money is referred to as Ether (Ticker: ETH) and traded on several cryptographic money platforms. In early 2018, Vitalik focused on enhancing the Ethereum network’s scalability and minimizing storage expenses. The solution to scalability and storage issues is referred as “sharding”, which is a technical solution that engages all the nodes on the Ethereum network, keeping its portion of the whole network. He is one of the influencers to follow if you want to understand more about the cryptocurrency and blockchain kingdom.

3. Charlie Lee

A former Google employee, Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin, which is among the leading cryptocurrencies in the market. Litecoin came just two years after bitcoin and has been known as the silver of Bitcoin. Charlie actively blogs about improving network scalability, transaction malleability, and the use of Litecoin and Bitcoin.

4. Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo established Bitgold in 1998, a company which provides payments and international savings services. He is known for his research in electronic cash and digital contracts. Nick highlights the importance and need of a second-layer system over the Bitcoin Blockchain to deal with smaller exchanges more securely and effectively. He is among the leading blockchain influencers you don’t want to miss following. Nick’s Bitgold is a direct precursor of bitcoin architecture.

5. Don Tapscott

Don Tapscott is Tapscott Group’s CEO and bestselling author of Blockchain Revolution, The Digital Economy, Wikinomics, and several other books on business, technology, and society. Don also shared his knowledge via TEDTalk covering how blockchain would change the world.

His publications cover various topics including the blockchain technology that can bring transformation to financial services, animating the Internet of Things, altering the broad architecture of the corporation, recasting the government’s role,  re-establishing content industries, and solving critical problems such as security within organizations and privacy of individuals.

6. Jed McCaleb

Jeb McCaleb is a creator of Stellar and Ripple. Before Stellar, he established eDonkey2000 which was among one of  the largest record-sharing systems. Thereafter, he formed the first bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, which was sold to a Japanese company.

7. Richard Gendal Brown

Richard Gendal Brown heads the technology department at R3CEV. It isan association of global banks that create and deliver superior distributed/shared ledger technologies to world financial markets to provide distributed ledger innovations and their applications to banking. Before this role, Richard worked as an executive architect for business development and industry innovation with IBM’s financial business and banking in the UK. He created Corda, which is a blockchain-inspired open source distributed ledger platform.

8. Nicolas Cary

Nicolas Cary is a philanthropist and co-founder of, which is a well-recognized Bitcoin wallet. He also founded a non-profit organization – Youth Business USA – which coaches young business visionaries. Nicolas’ vision is to continue providing financial services to millions of people around the world, as well as to commence an accessible and fair piece of software in the future.

9. Adam Ludwin

Adam Ludwin is the CEO and fellow benefactor of Chain, a company establishingcryptographic records to support financial products. He was an investor of RRE Ventures in New York prior to that. Adam was among the first people to categorize cryptocurrencies as a new asset that facilitates decentralized applications. He also launched Sequence, a recording system for managing balances that lets software teams focus on shipping and calibrating products rather than creating and keeping ledger infrastructure.

10. Joseph Lubin

Joseph Lubin is a founder of several companies including Consensys and Ethereum. He also contributed to the creation of Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports a fair environment of Ethereum infrastructure.

He was featured as one of the richest people in the world by Forbes in February 2018.

11. Jinglan Wang

Jinglan is the blockchain product manager at NASDAQ and Blockchain Educational Network’s (BEN) executive director. Designed to assist students in starting or developing their blockchain clubs across the globe, the cross-campus initiative of BEN seeks to spread blockchain culture across university campuses.

By linking the various blockchain hubs via friendly competitive practices, student-leaders create sturdy associations between each other and intensify their local efforts, while the organizational support facilitates the non-hierarchical form of ‘janitors’ instead of managers. In the year 2017, they attained new decentralized growth objectives, which went beyond 1,200 members covering 270 schools in more than 50 countries.

12. Jen Greyson

The Powered by Neureal CEO brings strong executive leadership into cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Her adamant standpoint on empowering global issues, women, and training and regulating issues, sets her Neureal team apart from the frenzy of the current cryptocurrency space. Jennifer has a venture tackling artificial intelligence and big data in digital currency, making her a must-watch “pillar” as she bridges some of the largest emerging technologies.

13. Fahima Anwar

Fahima is the Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) marketing and communications director and also Dubtokens’ global marketing and communications senior director. This Canada-based organization is bringing blockchain immutability to the trust-challenged sector of media engagement metrics. She is a content strategist with more than eight years’ experience in marketing, technology and e-commence, with a keen interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Fahima is the founder of Spark Sessions which is the biggest influencer conference in Canada. At IVEP, she has resolutely built a 90% female team to intentionally disrupt the increasing lack of diversity in the digital currency movement. She has great plans for the year 2018, with the aim of getting more women into the industry and ensuring the movement remains unstoppable.

14. Meltem Demirors

Meltem is Digital Currency Group’s (DCG) development director, with subsidiaries including Coindesk which she is described as the linking tissue between auxiliaries, investors, portfolio firms, and corporate partners.

Operating as a synergist between traditional investment and cutting-edge blockchain development, she has concentrated on establishing new models for growth and partnership. In addition to spearheading vendor partnerships, development programmes, and investor relations, she incubated DCG Connect, an auxiliary of DCG that links startups with technology service providers and enterprises to establish scalable solutions across value chains.

Meltem is also a member of Global Future Councils’ (of World Economic Forum) in blockchain.

15. Raine Revere

Raine Revere is an educator and developer in the smart contracts space while working as a therapist at the same time. She is the Lead Architect of ShapeShift Prism and is the co-founder of Maiden an education platform covering socially-aware blockchain, cultural and leadership development and diversity-powered blockchain consulting.

Like the other numerous women in this list, Raine is working on connecting the boundaries of social and technological change, quite possibly the sole place where the actual implications of the blockchain revolution might be understood.

In summary…

Influencers, who are at the forefront of the industry, have experienced the trial period of technology development. Thanks to their efforts to educate and nurture the general public, we can now save our time to learn the topic and focus on exploring innovative ideas.

More influencers to follow:

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