OpenFinance Network
Enable sustainable growth towards the distributed future by unlocking deep tech capabilities through meaningful, real-life actions for innovative organisations like yours across the globe.
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OpenFinance Network

OpenFinance Network

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Exchange, incorporated in Chicago, US

OpenFinance Network is the leading trading platform for tokenized securities.

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The Investor Passport allows users to perform AML, KYC, suitability and accreditation verification once with a system Validator, and then utilize that passport with other service providers in the ecosystem. This creates an enhanced, secure, and global compliance process that improves investor protection and security, along with increased privacy of sensitive investor data.


The OFN system contains a public registry of qualified entities and assets on the distributed ledger. Qualified entities include broker-dealers, transfer agents, custodians, escrow agents, fund administrators and registered funding portals. Asset may also be registered with the SEC/EDGAR and that data can be referenced from the OFN as a subset of the Asset data object.


The global registry of qualified entities and securities creates a mechanism for a decentralized securities depository that provides a public governance model to ensure maximum transparency and protection for investors. The distributed ledger acts as the golden source to synchronize (and protect) data across multiple stakeholders in standard securities transactions. This provides a trustless clearing & settlement process that is instantly available to all market participants and removes the single points of failure/fraud.

The information provided is solely based on the information publicly available. Should you wish to provide us with a piece of updated information, please email us.

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