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Issuance, incorporated in San Francisco, US

Harbor is an all-in-one platform for tokenized commercial real estate, investment funds, and more.

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Unlock access, value, and liquidity

Built on blockchain technology, the Harbor platform lets you access premium private assets alongside leading investors – with lower investment minimums and the potential for enhanced liquidity and value.

✓ Access quality private investments

Harbor gives you access to quality institutional private investments like commercial real estate and investment funds at lower minimums, allowing you to invest in opportunities previously out of reach.

✓ A better way to raise capital

Harbor provides an end-to-end platform to help you raise capital faster, easier, at lower cost. You can syndicate investments far more widely to access more capital from a broader, potentially global investor pool. Provide a superior investor experience with confidence that Harbor has your critical compliance needs covered.

✓ All-in-one platform for tokenizing private investments

Tokenization is the process of using blockchain technology to digitally maintain transfers, records and ownership of private securities. But tokenizing is only part of the equation to ensure a compliant offering with enhanced liquidity. From initial offering to secondary transfers, Harbor takes care of investor onboarding, compliance, and more.

The information provided is solely based on the information publicly available. Should you wish to provide us with a piece of updated information, please email us.

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