Enable sustainable growth towards the distributed future by unlocking deep tech capabilities through meaningful, real-life actions for innovative organisations like yours across the globe.
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Ampliv Labs

A deep-tech education & research firm focusing on the decentralised networks for enterprises in Asia and Europe.

What we do

A Journey to Sustainable Success

The Knowledge Stack

The Knowledge Stack offers on-offline seminars and blockchain use case research to navigate the real benefit of distributed ledger technology working with enterprises in Asia and Europe from various industries.

The Growth Stack

The Growth Stack provides a holistic, step-by-step guide to apply digital assets innovation accelerating your business growth – digital assets (STO) feasibility check, tokenisation roadmap, legal & compliance, corporate services, branding, PR.

Our vision & mission

Towards a distributed future

Why blockchain?

Blockchain has the potential to massively decrease the costs of businesses working with one another.

We believe that the sustainable business growth towards a distributed future is driven by technological advancement and human intelligence.


Executives at large corporations driving such innovation are currently paying attention to blockchain initiatives. Ampliv works with organisations of all sizes to help build the process and methodology in driving distributed future innovation.

Executives take blockchain initiatives seriously today

Possibility to achieve mainstream adoption0%
Willingness to invest $5M or more0%
A critical priority in 20190%
(Source: Deloitte)


Our latest projects



Who trusts us

Director, Marketing, APAC & Japan

Jamshed Wadia

“…She was someone who embraced innovation, new trends and was always pushing the envelope in terms of questioning the status quo. Given this, I am not at all surprised by her journey and success as an entrepreneur and a community leader…Given all her skills and qualities, this life long learner is a natural choice to partner and work with if you do get an opportunity.”


Ralf Kubli

Yuree impressed with her knowledge of regulation, STO, DSO and the landscape in Europe and Asia. It was a true pleasure to be discussing such critical topics on the future of finance with Yuree.”

CEO & Co-Founder

Ivan Goh

“A hard-worker who displays exceptional passion for her work, and takes the initiative to understand new technologies/concepts necessary to deliver on her job. Her ability to clearly articulate and lead our digital marketing strategy helped established our strong online presence in the early days. It was truly a great pleasure to work with Yuree.”

Work with us

Our customers


Work towards a distributed future